My Kingdom for a Washer & Dryer


When I moved to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 17 years ago I couldn’t afford to buy an apartment. Nearly every day I kick myself for not sacrificing my future and my financial stability to buy, what was then, a $250,000 apartment. But, as a 24-year-old with no income and a distinct lack of down payment (10% or otherwise), it wasn’t in the cards. Now those low-200s 1-bedroom apartments are low 800s apartments and I still can’t buy them. The goal post keeps moving.

But if I could have, I would’ve bought one and turned it into a sick rental like this. And I’d be rolling around in all my money right about now. This one looks like it’s had a second bedroom carved into it but it’s still a good size and the upgrades look on-point. If you’re going to have an open floor plan (ahem, all you House Hunters), you’re gonna want your kitchen to be sparkly and beautiful with a nice pendant or two separating the main living space from the main cooking space.


The smaller bedroom’s got pretty opaque retractable doors letting the light flow through. 369 Washington is a gorgeous pre-war building, but that natural light doesn’t come easy. Nobody’s peed all over this bathroom before either. Plus, it’s got the holy grail of apartment living: a washer and dryer. Just yesterday I was trying to do laundry in my neighboring building (our building’s laundry room is under renovation) and I lost four dollars and a serving of detergent and did not get any clean clothes out of the deal. Washer. And. Dryer. It’s like you’re whispering sweet, line-dried-scented nothings to me.


It’s certainly not the deal of the century at $3,369 but if you like pee-free floors and washers and dryers, maybe you want it?

369 Washington Ave, Apt 1A